Other tours programms

    • Day 1. Baku city tour
      Start exploring Azerbaijan with a city tour of Baku, which is one of the oldest and biggest cities in the East for antiquity, territory and population.
      We'll visit the Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshakhs Palace and Maiden Tower, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Inner City (Icheri Sheher)
      has preserved much of its 12th century defensive walls. The 12th century Maiden Tower, built over earlier structures dating from the 7th to 6th
      centuries BC, and the 15th century Shirvanshakhs' Palace, one of the pearls of Azerbaijan's architecture. Juma Mosque and the Carpet Museum.
      We will have a walk in Seaside Park and along Baku Boulevard, the second largest one in Europe. Leaving four a tour to "Atashgah" - the Fire
      Worshippers Temple which is located not far from Baku. "Atashgah" means the Place of Fire. It was built on the land where natural gas burned
      eternally and worshipped by Zoroastrian believers. Zoroastrianism (sometimes called less correctly 'fire worshipping'), one of the world's oldest
      religions, first began in Azerbaijan. In the ancient language of the land, 'Azer' means 'fire', and no other name seems quite as appropriate for
      Azerbaijan, since it once was the land of Zoroastrianism, where fire has an important role, even today, fire is still part of the country's symbols.
    • Day 2. Baku and Apsheron Peninsula. Visiting the temple of the fire worshippers Atasgah.
      Atashgah means the House of Fire, place of fire. The territory of this temple is known for unique nature phenomenon as the burning exits of the
      natural gas. The temple of fire is of the main places where the ancient supporters of Zoroaster religion worshipped there to the fire. In The museum
      complex Atashgah you will be told about the life way Zaraustra worshippers and also about the traditions and the customs which they adhered.
    • Day 3. Baku-Gobustan
      Excursion on historical-art reserve "Gobustan", where rock paintings have perfectly remained, barrows and housing objects dated from X-XIII
      millennial BC to the middle ages. There are certificates of inhabitants of region of an epoch of the Stone Age and the subsequent periods in
      "Gobustan" - Rock drawings, person parking, gravestone monuments, are concentrated there. Nearby is "Gaval Chalan" - original stone-
      tambourine, representing flat wise established huge plate. It is possible to hear rhythmic accurate motives by knocking on it. It is considered
      that these sounds accompanied ritual dances and ceremonies. Visiting of "Gobustan" will transfer you to other world, the world of last mankind
      and will allow you to feel the atmosphere of thousand - year history of this place. Visit to Mud volcano in Gobustan (optional depending on
      condition of road)
    • Day 4-5. Baku to Sheki (Excursion in the road Gabala & Shamakhi & Kish)
      Sheki is one of majestic in the past cities of the East and one of the most ancient cities of Transcaucasia. There are many historical and architectural monuments here. Ancient roots have here forge, weapon, jeweler and copper business, potters, tanning, craft, silky - and rug-weaving, joiner's
      business and ornament manufacture. Many masterpieces of Sheki masters were known not only in Azerbaijan, but also arrived on the world market.
      You are waited by visiting of a magnificent Palace of Sheki Khans, silk shop and workshop on manufacturing the tastiest "Sheki Pakhlava"
      and workshop on manufacturing of magnificent frescos and exquisite stained glass work. We will visit Sheki Bazaar as well.
    • Day 6 Baku to Guba (KRASNAYA SLOBODA)
      On the way to Guba you will stop in Khizi region to observe the holy place named Beshbarmag mountain. In suburbs of Guba drive up to the
      mountains to have a beautiful view of unique local landscape. Meeting with mode of life and traditions of local people. There are KRASNAYA
      SLOBODA. Visiting the history museum and the ancient temple of the fire worshippers (IX c.).
      Back to Guba..
      Sightseeing places in Guba; Juma and Sakine Khanum mosks (XIII c.), mausoleum of XVI c, ancient towers and baths.
    • Day 7. The historical museum & shopping tour in Baku.